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In our sustained effort to establish better police-public interface, We proudly launch the official website of the Bhandara Police. Police is not only one of the most important and citizen centric service departments of the government, it is also most visible face. This website therefore, aims at providing easy and user friendly access to citizens regarding duties and functioning of police; various police services like status of passport verification, online filing of complaints, missing persons, press releases etc. Safety tips are also provided to citizens for reducing their vulnerability to crime in an easy to understand way.

we are sure, users will find the website extremely useful. I urge all to give us a constructive feedback so that we can serve all citizens in a better and more effective way.

Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra

Shri. Vasant Jadhav

Supdt. Of Police

Shri. Aniket Bharati

Addl. Supdt. Of Police

Origin Of Name

BHANDARA, a town and district of British India, in the Nagpur division of the Central Provinces. The town (pop. in 1901, 14,023) is situated on the left a bank of the river Waingangā. 7m from a station on the bengal-Nagpur railway.

Bhandara district is encircled by Balaghat district (M.P.) in north, Gondia in east, Chandrapur, in South, and Nagpur in the West. Hilly region of the northern side consists of Satpuda range, Bhivsen Koka are small hillocks in this range.


The Wainganga is the principal river in the district, and the only stream that does not dry up in the hot weather, its affluent within the district being the Bawanthari, Bagh, Kanhan and Chulban.There are 3648 small lakes and tanks in Bhandara district,


More than one-third of the district lies under jungle, which yields gum, medicinal fruit and nuts, edible fruits, lac, honey and the blossoms of the ma/hat tree (Bassia latifolia), which area eaten by the poorer classes, and used for the manufacture of a kind of spirit.Tigers, panthers, deer wild hogs and other wild animals abound in the forests, and during the rainy season many deaths occur from snake-bites.


Bhandara falls on National Highway 6. It is directly connected to Nagpur and Raipur by private and government bus services. It is one of the divisions of the MSRTC. It has very good connectivity with neighboring Madhya Pradesh. The Bhandara Road railway station (BRD) serves the city and surrounding region. Bhandara is directly connected to the state capital Mumbai, Raipur, Nagpur, and Kolkata by Indian Railway.There is no air transportation in Bhandara. The nearest airport is at Nagpur.

Our Mission

The motto of Maharashtra Police is ′सद् रक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय′ . It means that Maharashtra Police is committed to PROTECTING THE RIGHTOUS AND CONTROLLING & ANNIHILATING THE EVIL.

Our Plan

We will serve and protect all, particularly the downtrodden, the weak, women, minorities, senior citizen's, slums dwellers, the poor & other marginalized sections of society. We will give prompt & compassionate response to every call of citizen in distress..

Our Vision

Crime prevention and suppression, Victim support and assistance, Infrastructure protection, Community education and awareness, Emergency preparedness, Traffic safety. .

Our Values

We base our policing practices on the principles of service, ethics, professionalism and diversity. As police officers entrusted with the authority to maintain the public peace, we will not compromise our values.

Police Divisions

Bhandara police have 4 police division and under those divisions have 17 police stations.

Police Station

Bhandara Division

Police Station

Tumsar Division

Police Station

Pauni Division

Police Station

Sakoli Division

Safety Tips

Keep your password / PIN codes safe and memorize them.
Check that the online banking website is secure.


    1. Logout immediately after you have completed your online transaction.
    2. Do not copy or click on any links attached to emails.
    3. Read privacy and policy statements before any transaction.

  • 1. Shop with merchants that you know or trust.
    2. Check that the shopping website is secure.
    3. Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls or emails form merchants.
    4. Always print and keep the order confirmation document.

  • 1. When you type your PIN number at an ATM, make sure that you sufficiently obscure the keypad from being viewed by an onlooker.
    2. NEVER let the shopkeeper take your debit card out of your sight. There is no need for him/her to do so, unless he/she intends to do something unlawful.
    3. Secure your debit card physically by storing it at a safe place. ? NEVER write your PIN number at a place where it can be seen by someone who you do not intend to show it to.
    4. ALWAYS destroy the receipts from merchants that you no longer require, especially when you have paid for using your debit card.

  • 1. Safeguard your credit cards and ATM cards at all times.
    2. If you notice something suspicious about the card slot on an ATM (like an attached device), do not use it and report it to the responsible authorities.
    3. Never disclose your ATM card and credit card PIN numbers to strangers.
    4. Beware of your surroundings while withdrawing money at ATM centers. Do not crumple and throw away the transaction slips or debt card memos: read them, make a mental note of the details and then, either tear them or shred them to trash.

  • Citizens are requested that information regarding any suspicious activities, abandoned vehicles, articles, and other objects be promptly communicated to the police at the nearest police station or on telephone No. 100.
    1. Stay calm and do not get panic.
    2. Discourage rumor mongering.
    3. Do not touch any unidentified object. Explosive could be concealed in anything like toys, transistors, lunch boxes.
    4. Do not accept any parcel from strangers & Sensitize your all family members, especially children.



Our Address

N.H.6, Near Collector Office, Bhandara
441904 Maharashtra )

Call Us

Land line : (07184) 252-400. FAX :(07184) 254-287