Bharosa Cell

he Bharosa Cell is a single central center for the three components of Women Support Room, Senior Citizens Room, Child Special Squad and provides various services such as Police Assistance, Counseling, Psychiatry, Medical Services, Legal Services, Defense Officers to all the above units.

  • Women's Support Room Included services

    1. Police help
    2. Women's Helpline
    3. Counseling
    4. Medical Services
    5. Legal Services
    6. Psychiatrist
    7. Rehabilitation of women victims
    8. Protection under the Domestic Violence Act

  • Providing immediate assistance / support to the victimized women through police, medical services, psychiatrists, counselors, lawyers, protection officers and rehabilitation services will help in resolving their problems in a proper manner. Women who are victims of any kind of violence can be given mental strength to fight against oppression.
    1. All of the above services are available in the trust cell to get all kinds of support in one place. Bharosa Cell is open 24 * 7 for accepting complaints of women victims and Women's Helpline no. Complaints of 1091 and 112 are accepted and forwarded to the concerned experts.
    2. Complaints received from women victims are categorized and guided according to their needs.
    3. If the victim needs counseling, temporary accommodation can be arranged.
    4. No unilateral decision will be taken by closing the complaint till the victim of the complaint received in the trust cell gets justice.

  • 1. To give mental strength and support to the child victims.
    2. Rehabilitation of children in legal conflict.
    3. To provide immediate medical services / psychiatrists / legal protection officers and rehabilitation services to the child victims.
    4. Discouragement of juvenile delinquents as well as frequent counseling.
    5. Implementing schemes to keep children away from criminal environment.
    6. To protect the rights of the child.
    7. To accept the complaints of the complainants coming to the Child Helpline No. 1098 and No. 112 and send it to the concerned experts.

  • 1. The senior citizen cell accepts their grievance application and takes immediate action.
    2. The senior citizens are provided with the facilities they need through the trust cell. The cooperation of Senior Citizens Association / NGO is sought.
    3. Appropriate guidance is given to senior citizens and non-applicants through counseling.
    4. WhatsApp group of senior citizens has been created and they are also given identity cards.
    5. To coordinate with the nodal officers appointed for the assistance of senior citizens at Police Thane level.
    6. Accepting the complaints of the senior citizens helpline number 1090 and 112 and sending them to the concerned experts.



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