District Special Branch

District Special Branch is very important in the structure of district Police organization. This Branch plans and designs the structure arrangements during Festivals, Elections, Examinations, VIP, and VVIP Visits in the district and co-ordinate with Police Stations and various government agencies.

This branch collects confidential information in advance regarding activities of various organizations, Movements & activities of various political parties. This information is then analyzed and the input is send to the State Intelligence Department (SID) as well as to the police stations concerned to take necessary actions.

This branch also deals with Character verification, Passport verification, Cases of noise pollution and recommendation for various licenses.

  • Important responsibilities of District Special Branch

    Intelligence collection and analysis.
    Check the sensitive areas (Vital Installations) in the district.
    As per Indian Secret Act 1923 c 8(1) Plan the restricted area for the city and district from the appropriate authority and handover it to Government.
    Regular audit of stores of Explosives and Magazines.
    Gathering information of Foreigners visiting to the District.
    Investigation of underground foreigners.
    Character verification, passport Verification.
    Gathering information about Hunger strike, Self emulation cases.
    Maintaining law and order in Morcha's, Strikes,Demonstrations etc.
    Plan Security arrangements for VIP, VVIP & other Important Persons.
    Election & mega festival security arrangement.
    Keeping watch on political parties and their activities.
    Gathering information abut fire, Explosives etc.
    Secret report preparation and providing to senior staff as well as Government.
    Practice and restructure the schemes like, Flood scheme, emergency scheme, Airbag water works employees strike scheme, S. T. corporation employees strike scheme, M.S. E. D. C. Ltd. employees strike scheme etc.



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